Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two Days in April '08

Monday, April 21, 2008, Frances and I loaded up the picnic cooler and headed for the mountains. We did nothing but relax. Played two games of checkers and two of chinese checkers, each winning one game at both. I did not ask for a third game to break the tie for fear that she would win! The temp got down to 42 outside but stayed nice and warm (71 degrees) inside. Frances seemed to enjoy herself somewhat - although I knew before we left that she was just going for my sake. (Is that where I'm supposed to use the "LoL"?) I had bought 3 small eye of round steaks which I cooked for us on Tuesday for lunch. I cooked them in the bacon grease left over from our breakfast of bacon and eggs. She insisted on boiling two potatoes for lunch to add to the meat. I baked a pan of biscuits, on each of which I had put a half pat of butter. Mmmmm Yummmm! She had brought some of her sister Elizabeth's home-made strawberry preserves plus I keep some Sand Mountain Molasses. What a fun two days.

Just an informative note - I've learned recently that young people do not know what Molasses are. The people who sell them told us recently that they have changed the label on their molasses jars and now you can buy it in the food stores as Sand Mountain Syrup! Same great product! Since the name change they are selling more.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Trip To The Cabin

Saturday, April 12, Ed and I loaded up our shotguns and turkey calls and headed out for the cabin. This time we also pulled the mower, not to mow with, but to pull the wagon full of dirt we wanted to use to fill in the boggy spots in the yard. Upon arrival we decided to hunt for an hour and a half first - then return to make yard improvements. We found no turkeys - but we had just as much fun. Plus, guess what? We didn't have the job of plucking and cleaning and cutting th meat from the turkey either. (Laugh A Little, will you?) You know how it is...when you aren't successful at something you make excuses, so there!

After we loaded one trailer full of dirt and scattered it, Ed said something like, "Fred, that's all the joy I want for today! One of my first rules for cabin visitors is that whatever they do there they MUST enjoy I asked Ed if he would assist me by just standing by to see that the house didn't fall while I worked on sturdying the underpinning. I managed toget the floor jacked up a little more. Now I'm getting closer all the time to getting the foundation sure! Maybe my next visitor will enjoy crawling around on his back and helping level the floor!?! Ya think?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pray That It Drains!

Yes, I know. You pray for it to rain when the wells are dry and springs are slowed to only a trickle. So if you can pray for it to rain why not pray for it to drain? I had a man come and dig a trench (as I reported to you sometime ago) across the driveway to drain the surface water back into Loss Creek. The drain is getting a good work-out now! My good friend Ed Williams took a shovel outside to "trench" the swampy place just outside the back door - and it's working! So Please, let it drain. Thanks Ed.