Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harvest Time Again!

Laurel has bloomed!

Maintenance on the Weed-Eater is a MUST
Especially when you use OLD gas from last year!

Can you see the bear track  just above the hog tracks?

Bear "Scat", a term I learned from friends up North
Ol Bigfoot?


A Home Across The Valley

The Rubbing Tree

And What Tracks Are These?
Pumzika Acres has some potential harvest this year!  From the looks of things we are going to have a very good hunt for deer, bear, and boar.  My friend Ed, and I have used the Kawasaki Mule to scour and search the whole 700 acre farm and have located promising signs of big game.  Here are a few pictures we snapped from the top of the mountain.