Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Refrigerator

Great News! Now that winter's almost here, I have bought a new propane operated refrigerator. It must be doing a great job. The whole cabin is cooler. (I'm laughing out loud) OK - here's a picture.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What's Going On At The Cabin #2

Colby and Chelsea (two of Ruthie's grandchildren - my great-grands) spent a good amount of time placing these stones carefully in the creek to form a beautiful waterfall. I was so pleased that the wanted me to "come and see" what they had done.
Our three year old Chloe pushing two year old Colin on his "4x4"
Frances with the cake spatula - or is that a knife?

The children loved playing in the creek! This is my grandson, Terry Crockett, with my great grandson, Colin Crockett who was celebrating his second (?) birthday.
What Retired People Do?

This was a wonderful Cake which Frances and my children had made with a map of Africa on top showing an African carrying a cross on the Continent.
My first cousin, Terry Junius Jones, born just three months after me. It was great having he and his wife with us for three days!
My sparkling little sister, Donice Brown just before departure. Isn't that a great smile?
Jonathan Brannen, my Brother Lowell's son.
Me in my first pair of "Over-Hauls" together with my great grandson Julian Cartwright and Julian's parents, Lydia and David. Lydia is Ruthie's first-born.

What's Going On At The Cabin

I'm having difficulty getting the pictures to cooperate with me tonight, but this is of Ed Williams and me as we had raised one of the walls.
From another angle, you can see the tub/shower combination just fits inside the five foot room.
This is the lavatory and sink before removing it from the trailer.
The commode, and lavatory were purchased used for only $75 - bought through the Tennessee Trader. The people were re-modeling their home and wanted to change the colors from gold to white.
This shows the roof on. Yes, it's sheet metal, and yes, it's sharp on the ends as my hands can testify. Also here you can see the door I've hung which will access this room from outside plus the two foot by two foot window on the end of the room.

The pictures tell the I am adding a five foot by twelve foot room which will eventually contain a shower, commode, and lavatory. I ache in every joint and have pains in muscles I did not remember I had. Yes, the pains are real, and so is the dream of having some (emphasize 'some') city conveniences here in this remote area of the "hunting woods" surrounded by the Cherokee National Forest!

Other: We had a great Labor Day with our children, grand-children, and great-grand-children together with the brothers and sisters who live in Tennessee. Thirty two of us altogether - according to Frances. What a time we had!

The children surprised me with a retirement cake and gifts. We also celebrated my first cousin, Terry Jones' 70th Birthday with a cake for him and gifts. He was as surprised as I was at all this attention. Too, we celebrated birthday #2 for Colin Crockett. It was a day full of creating memories for the children that I hope they long remember.