Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Break In's Are Downers!

I first posted this on my "Fred Alton's Page" without realizing it.  I must be getting old.  Old?  Naaaaa.  It's just the drugs I'm taking.  Doc has me on 81mg aspirin every day - so I'm on drugs, right?
Well...some of  you know that I am on chemo-therapy for stage 4 colon cancer.  So maybe I did have somewhat of an excuse.  Anyhow - I'm moving this post to "From The Cabin."
On Wednesday, February 8, I woke up feeling fine. I drove myself to Chattanooga to the doctors office for my regularly scheduled blood test and then back home by 9:30a.m. William W. ( good friend and fellow church member)was bringing me a dump truck load of driveway gravel and was bringing his Bobcat to help me spread the gravel and perhaps help me with a few other touches on making the grounds look better. When we arrived, this is what we saw!

Screen ripped off the window leading from the kitchen to the front porch.

A rocking chair had been taken from the front porch and placed in front of the bed-room window. Both glasses had been shattered.

Inside the bedroom the bureau drawers had been opened and rifled through. It appears to me they were looking for a handgun? How foolish do they think I am?
Now, while William dumped the gravel, I tried to find a board adequate to cover the window that had been broken. I found a piece of 5/8 Advan-tec - but it was too narrow. However, by cutting it with a hand-saw and stacking them, plus a piece of outside siding that had been in the scrap pile, I was able to seal it all up.

Naturally, my feelings sunk. I had no heart to eat. I managed to eat a pack of peanut butter crackers and drink a bottle of water. All that exertion had exhausted me. I think that's why the next day I still had no appetite and felt rotten. Checked the fever and it was too high. So - I was from the bed to the couch to the lounge chair for the next three days. Dr. Rick Moore, a friend and respected professor with a doctorate in Old Testament (who also happens to be a nephew) came by last night and prayed a special prayer for me. He is a rare individual who is in touch with God. Today, I'm much better.

NO...don't worry! Just breathe an extra prayer. I'm going to be fine. In Jesus' Name.