Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rest For The Weary

One of my life's pleasure is this place called "Pumzika Acres".  If you are a regular follower of this blog you already are aware that this is a Kiswahili (language of East Africa) word and that it is in the simple imperative form, meaning simply, "You Rest!"  Naturally, after my recent attempt to walk the "100 Mile Wilderness" section of the AT, I thought it would be a good idea to come out here for a few days and rest.  Of course - after letting things go here for a year now, the first thing was a little bit of cleaning.  In the picture below you see that I have pulled on a rubber glove to dig the last of the rats out of the stove.  The medicine I put out last September has taken out at least a dozen of these fur-lined and industrious critters.

Here you can see the ambitious plans that these critters had, as they carried paper, cotton, pieces of wire, immitation flowers, paper towels and cotton under the stove top.

My missionary friend, Gordon B. spent the better part of the day burning up fallen limbs from the horrific gusts of wind we have had in East Tennessee this summer.

I washed the dishes one day in water fetched from the creek.  It was such beautiful weather outside!

As some old rotting pieces of lumber were tossed onto the fire, this young snake crawled out and headed straight for me.  Fortunately I saw him before he saw me. 

One day my good friend (Ed W.) brought his accordion out and we sung til we could sing no more.  This man is an accomplished musician who has written over 200 songs - some of which have been very popular in church music.

On one of our trips around the mountain (riding the Kawasaki Mule) we spotted this beautiful butterfly!

And another butterfly!

Across the creek we met Bonnie and Lee.  Lee is a Baptist Preacher with a wonderful testimony.  Very interesting couple.