Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Break In's Are Downers!

I first posted this on my "Fred Alton's Page" without realizing it.  I must be getting old.  Old?  Naaaaa.  It's just the drugs I'm taking.  Doc has me on 81mg aspirin every day - so I'm on drugs, right?
Well...some of  you know that I am on chemo-therapy for stage 4 colon cancer.  So maybe I did have somewhat of an excuse.  Anyhow - I'm moving this post to "From The Cabin."
On Wednesday, February 8, I woke up feeling fine. I drove myself to Chattanooga to the doctors office for my regularly scheduled blood test and then back home by 9:30a.m. William W. ( good friend and fellow church member)was bringing me a dump truck load of driveway gravel and was bringing his Bobcat to help me spread the gravel and perhaps help me with a few other touches on making the grounds look better. When we arrived, this is what we saw!

Screen ripped off the window leading from the kitchen to the front porch.

A rocking chair had been taken from the front porch and placed in front of the bed-room window. Both glasses had been shattered.

Inside the bedroom the bureau drawers had been opened and rifled through. It appears to me they were looking for a handgun? How foolish do they think I am?
Now, while William dumped the gravel, I tried to find a board adequate to cover the window that had been broken. I found a piece of 5/8 Advan-tec - but it was too narrow. However, by cutting it with a hand-saw and stacking them, plus a piece of outside siding that had been in the scrap pile, I was able to seal it all up.

Naturally, my feelings sunk. I had no heart to eat. I managed to eat a pack of peanut butter crackers and drink a bottle of water. All that exertion had exhausted me. I think that's why the next day I still had no appetite and felt rotten. Checked the fever and it was too high. So - I was from the bed to the couch to the lounge chair for the next three days. Dr. Rick Moore, a friend and respected professor with a doctorate in Old Testament (who also happens to be a nephew) came by last night and prayed a special prayer for me. He is a rare individual who is in touch with God. Today, I'm much better.

NO...don't worry! Just breathe an extra prayer. I'm going to be fine. In Jesus' Name.


Aaron Brown said...


I love reading your blog, so I was excited to see that it had been updated, but I'm sorry about the break-in at the cabin. You have been in my prayers. I admire your faith and trust in God. I know that He will honor your loyalty to Him.

Aaron Brown

shirl72 said...

Thanks for coming by. I don't write
blogs all the time. I guess I don't want to display all. I am
not as good on the computer as my

I lost my original blog because I clicked to many things. I think I have the old one back now.

When Jack talked about our friend the Funeral Director called Fats.
Dad and Fats decided to go to the Drug Store and drive seperate cars. You could leave your keys in the car back then. While Dad was inside talking Fat goes outside and drives Dad's car back home. When he came out he thought his car was stolen so they called the Police. The Policeman that came out was a member of our Church. They laughed and enjoyed the joke. The Drug Store was about
2 blocks from home. Hope this
gives you a good laugh. They pulled jokes like this all the time.


shirl72 said...

Fred Jack wanted me to write about
Fat the Funeral Director taking me to work in Charlotte in the Hearse through the snow. So put that on my new Blog. I had forgotten about that.