Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm Still Here!

It has been so long since I have posted here on my "You Rest" Cabin Blog.  "Pumzika", the Kiswahili word for "Rest" is what I have had to do because of the bout I have had with Stage IV Colon Cancer.  "Stage IV" meant that it was spreading and doctors declared it could spread quickly to other vital organs if we did not get treatment immediately.  It was discovered last October.  I had surgery in November (the week of Thanksgiving).  In January the doctors started treatment with a specially mixed Chemo-cocktail.  In February I felt the need to get out here to mow and check on things at the cabin.  I found that 3 of my neighbors had mowed the grass for me.  I finished the treatments last month and doctors now say they see no signs of remaining cancer.  Thank God!

Of course, the Lord had said to me in a dream last November just before surgery, "I'm healing you."  The book of Joel reveals that in the last days "your old men shall dream dreams" - so I guess that means I'm now "old".  I don't feel old yet - but I'm getting there.  Ha.

I think it was late June when I took my brother (Lowell) and his wife (Janis) out to the cabin for the purpose of picking blackberries.  What a wonderful time we had and together we picked a gallon and a half of berries.  On another day I took Lowell out and we dug sassafras roots for tea.  I've had two missionaries out here in July and August ... Gordon B. amd Jack M. both seemed to enjoy themselves.  So the cabin has not been sold off nor forgotten.  The main problem was that I had not the strength to compose my thoughts and take the time to write about these experiences during my time of sickness. 

Here are a few pictures.  Hope you enjoy them.

Lowell Boarding The Mule

Lowell Removing Thorns From His Hands

Janis Picking Blackberries

Treating Ourselves At The Fast-Food Place For Supper

A Black Walnut Tree Loaded With Walnuts

Missionary Jack M, From Australia Sitting On The Porch Swing

Recent Thunderstorms Meant We Had To Cut Logs Out Of The Trail


jack69 said...

Ahhh my man you have been thru the wringer. so glad you are getting the where with all to make posts on this Blog.
It is a place of rest. Sherry and I enjoyed our visit there and your cooking!
I am going down to the AT in the morning. It crosses the Delaware river at BEar ??? state park, NY. I will strap on my pack to see how it feels for a couple miles.
And yes, I am out of shape myself. I will bring experience to our hike but will probably be in no better physical shape than any of you guys. LOL
Great entry love the pictures, and I smile because your picture just popped up about 10 minutes ago with the guitar on the porch out there.
Have a great weekend.

Dar said...

So, so, so happy that you are feeling well enough to once again enjoy the cabin, Fred. You have, like Jack said, been through the wringer. I'm just so glad to read of your success with the treatments and look forward to so much more to read when you're feeling up to it. Stay strong, I know you will and always smile.

shirl72 said...

Yes Fred I know it is time to put
something on my blog. I was just thinking last week time to write something. I am not as wordy as my Brother. I guess I am more private that Jack.

Glad you are doing good.


Fred Alton said...

PUMZIKA! "You Rest!" It's the simple imperative form of the verb, "To rest". I haven't strapped on the pack yet...hoping to buy a new one and want to make sure it has room enough to haul everything I'll need. ☺

Yep, Dar, everything came in here two to three weeks early. Gardens really had good weather here.

Shirl - Jack is just aware that "big brother" already knows everything about him - so might as well be open about it. Being careful is always a good thing though. Some things I just don't say on the Internet.