Friday, October 12, 2007

Wildwood Flower

Found this on You-Tube. In fact there are lots more of these things posted there. I don't know how to pull the song off You Tube and put it on this blog, but this music is so great. I know that Daddy and Uncle Fred would have had a blast.

By the way - Lowell, does Steven have a Blog?


Travelin' On said...

I enjoyed the video. It was neat timing because I'd just heard someone playing this tune at a festival last weekend in NC and I thought it was "Great Speckled Bird" or something like that. (only heard the music without the words)Anyways, all I know is this song reminds me of daddy! I reckon you've reminded me of him in several ways and in several of these blogs. :) That's nice.
love ya, DB

Travelin' On said...

By the way, posting an actual video is not hard but it happens when you "log in" to youtube and set up an account similar to your blogging account set up. Then you just click on the choice underneath the video that says "post this video" and then you get a choice where to post it. It took me a little while to figure it out, but once I did I saw that it's really simple.
Cya later

Lowell Brannen said...

Yes, Jonathan has a blog. I think he, himself, sometimes forgets that he has one, but he does. It is at

Corky Alexander said...

After joining YouTube, find the video and then select the "embed" code, copy it and paste it in your new post area where you type. Call me if you need to (Cleveland #) 421-2383, thanks for your blog and comments, it's fun.

fred said...

Thanks Corky! I appreciate that info. And the number.