Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Little Snow

The snow we had here in Cleveland on the 20th was melted and gone on the 23rd when I took this picture about three miles this side of the cabin. In a way I wished that I had been there for the snow - but on second thought gave thanks to God that I was safely at home in town and in a warm comfortable house.
The back yard showing snow!

Looks like a road, but it is not - it's just the remains of the snow.

In this photo you can tell that the snow was almost gone. So life in the mountains is very slow at this time of the year.

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Favorite One said...

Ok, so I've been REALLY slow about reading blogs and now that most everyone is on facebook or some other tool - I just don't check as often. Pretty snow pics. I can't wait to visit in the warm sunshine weather at the cabin! :-) Love you!