Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

This is the correct way to start off a new year...or a new month...or a new week...or a new day. (Just in case you are wondering!)

By the way - I do know how to spell "helpers". It's only my fingers that seem to be dyslexic at times.


jack69 said...

Well at least the new year is off to a good start. The video however says not available yet. Will go back, I wonder sometimes if it is because of other hits on the same web page. I can seldom see a video on this system but always try.
I just asked Sherry, she has not tried yet. Might work on her system.

Love you guys,
Sherry & jack

jack69 said...

Good video everyone sure had enough to eat. Wonderful time for fellowship. I know it was a satisfying time for everyone. Great tradition, hope it continues.
Love you guys, Glad the Video was available this time and played on my system.
Jack & Sherry

Fred Alton said...

Jack, that "not available yet" message was probably because it wsa still fresh and still being processed. I get the same message here right after posting a video.

Favorite One said...

Chloe and I sure enjoyed the videos. She wants to know when the GIRLS Day at the cabin is?! She loves to visit the cabin as much as I do - and I too need to spend more time there in 2010!

Thanks for sharing - now I know some of the people that were playin' & singin'.

Curtis really enjoys spending time on New Years Day with you and everyone.

Tabitha said...

Just want you to know that I am now following have a stalker. LOL
I love you and enjoyed reading this today. I love you, Daddy.

Fred Alton said...

Hey Tabi! Wish I had more "stalkers" like you. LoL. I love you and miss you but know that you children are in God's will which is the happiest place on earth. (Well, most of the time it is) :D