Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Day Out In The Sun

This is the road to the cabin near the spot which I call "Cell-phone Hill" because this is the area where you can usually get good cell phone connection. Snow must have been very deep here and the shade of the trees prevented the sun from melting it. I'm glad I was not trying to negotiate the hills while that snow was falling for this is a one lane road with steep drop-offs of 100 to 200 feet in places!

The view from the front porch showing the recently built new bridge. This is three miles from the last utility pole, so there is not much traffic.

This is Loss Creek. It runs by the front porch. Three years ago there was a footlog we had fun crossing and trying to maintain balance on. A couple months back the rain swept that log out of sight - has now broken two more trees and this tangled mess of branches is the result.

A view of the cabin from the road. When I was trying to sell the idea of our buying this cabin, this is the view I showed Frances which won her over. When she saw it I saw the look on her face change and I knew we were going to own this lovely get-away! She is not near as fond of it as I am but does enjoy going out there and taking family or friends for a day-trip.

I topped off the lunch with this fresh "red grapefruit" from Florida, bought at our local foodstore. I had opened a can of rice and chicken and set it on the gas stove eye...then poured it into a bowl. I had some sliced bread, and and apple plus a whole pot of fresh coffee to drink with my peanut butter wafer cookies.

This picture is the view from the backporch! Here is where my son-in-law Rick Durham and I saw three turkeys scratching in the leaves on a visit this past fall. Turkey season opens April 1st and I had so looked forward to doing some hunting. Now - it seems - I will be having cataract surgery during that time and may not be allowed to shoot the shotgun.

This is the view OF the backporch. Well, actually the corner of the porch where I sat to eat lunch and to enjoy the warmth of the sun beaming down on me. I had a heavy corduroy coat with fleece lining that I had to use to cover my knees because the sun began to burn them through my clothes. I've got a rocking chair on the other end of the porch, but I chose these chairs because I worked on the Sunday School lesson using my laptop.

WhatFun! It was a gorgeous day in East Tennessee. The sun and blue sky overhead were wondrous to behold. I'm sure that the earth, trees, creeks and all the critters were also glad for this reprieve from the cold we've had in recent days. Yesterday was the first time I've been here for about two weeks and it felt so goooooood!


jack69 said...

Sounded like a great day. Good pictures and It is easy to see how you are attached to the solitude when needed. Getting away from power lines and other umbilical cords gives the mind room to run.

Glad you have the place you guys deserve it. It is great to know how much you enjoy it.

Favorite One said...

That was a fun "road trip" to the cabin! The best part was your desert of peanut butter wafers. Brings back such fun memories of when you'd buy these for us when we were little girls. Thanks for stirring those memories & thanks for making them for us!

I look forward to going to the cabin SOON!