Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day

At the cabin we honored the fallen on this Memorial Day by having our children here at the cabin for a day of relaxation.  We were sorry to learn that most either had to work or had other plans or were living too far away to come.  However, we had son-in-law Curtis who grilled hot-dogs, Frances and Ruthie prepared grillin' beans, chopped onions and sweet relish, (with all the other trimmings) for a feast.  We set everything up on the porch.  Our solar system ran the oscillating fan!  I had succeeded in getting rid of the rats and in cleaning out the mess they had made - and no one even noticed the three inch hole in the wall they had chewed.  We had a wonderful time with those who were present, playing in the creek, teaching the kids about butterflies, sassafras tea, and polk salat.  After lunch we went for rides in the Kawasaki Mule.  Riding finished, we had a great big seed-less watermelon to split open.  I almost (almost?) ate too much!  What a wonderful day. 



jack69 said...

Hey over there in the mountains, it was good to see Frances on the porch in the swing. I know you all had a wonderful time. Enjoyed the entries. too bad about the rats! but as long as it is in the past, that is good. Always get a kick out of the entries from the Cabin.
Just thinking of the spot, makes me feel good.
Love you guys!!!

~mel said...

That creek looks like a fine place for a kid to play ~ even a grown up or two. Do you kick off the shoes and socks and play in the water with the Grandloves? Glad to hear the rat are gone:)

Jo said...

Hello Fred, thanks for your recent visits and comments on my blog. I love your Memorial day celebrations and love the solar system as you explained to me. I would love to read about your Africa travels too. Blessings to you and your dear wife. Jo