Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cleaning House

Saturday was house cleaning day here at the cabin. Brought the vacuum cleaner from home and, with my good friend's help, moved couch, sofa, chairs, etc so we could give the floor a much needed cleaning. It's amazing how much better it looks since the one ka-zillion bugs and wasps have been sucked out of the windows and floors! Also we re-arranged the furniture, took down a picture of an old "out-house" and hung my cow horns on the wall in it's place over the heater. Additionally we moved two other pictures and re-hung them in new places. Next we will start the bed-room...but this time the cord was not long enough to reach te bedroom. No. There is not a 120V plug in there. But there will be. Story of my life - power is not available where you need it ... so re-wire ... move the power closer to where the need is greatest.


Travelin' On said...

Hey brother.
Well, that sounded like you were about to write a sermon.....move the power closer to where the need is.... Whoop! heehee just kidding

By the way, can you link your two blogs to each other you know...put your FRED page linked to your CABIN and vice versa? Just wonderin. That way, when I've read one, I can just click to the other. WEll, it's all about ME, isn't it? :)
Hope all's well with you and Frances. Love ya, Me

Sounds like you're getting some early spring cleaning done.

Fred Alton said...

Whoop! Amen, and th pow'r is closer to where th knee is!

I tried to add the lins as you suggested. Didn't get it right the first time...but think it's working now.

Love ya Sis.