Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blocks Delivered

Last Friday, Rick, Jason, and I all loaded up 16 concrete blocks, 6 2X6's, a 30 ton jack, lots of food and water and took them to the cabin where we spent the night. I had dreams of getting the floor properly leveled and made solid, however it did not happen. It got so cold Friday night that no one wanted to get out Saturday morning to do any work. Of course the first priority at the cabin is that a person must relax and have fun.

We saw turkey's going to roost Friday evening just about a quarter mile away from the cabin. That was exciting and we talked about our proposed hunt when April 1st comes. Timber is being cut all around us and this is causing all the wild game (turkey, bear, deer, wild hogs, etc.) to seek new places of protection. This may be good for hunters like me who are not as savvy about where the game has been feeding and bedding. While they are hunting new sources of food and bedding they are more likely to happen across the trail in front of me.

We shut down the generator at 10:00p.m. and used the old kerosene lanterns for light as we prepared for bed. I had bought the generator with hopes that I could use it to give the batteries being supported by solar power an extra charge during these winter months, but alas, our batteries will no longer hold a charge. Looks like all five batteries will have to be replaced. Oh well, I'm prepared now to keep the new ones charged.

Maybe next time the weather will be warmer and we can get some essential sturdying of the sub-structure of the cabin done. That is if anyone can have fun doing it. (I'm laughing out loud)


L A Brannen said...

I knew there was some reason why I did not go with you last Friday. That's it. Work! Now I'm not afraid of work. Oh, No sireee! Why, I can lay down right beside it and go to sleep. "Of course the first priority at the cabin is that a person must relax and have fun." Right!? :) Maybe next time I'll be more in shape for a trip to the cabin. I feel like I could do anything I want to right now, but I'm still using the surgery as an excuse for doing nothing much. It'll be two weeks tomorrow, since surgery and I'm feeling fine.

fred said...

Lowell, I'm glad you're feeling better cause I've just gotta have someone lift a few rocks!!! No, seriously, if you go to the cabin with me you won't have to work at all - and if you don't believe me ask my son-in-law Rick if he had to work much. LoL

Favorite One said...

I finally read this blog! I didn't even realize you'd been keeping up with both. I think this one is my favorite. :-) I know you've been out of town, but when you come back, maybe Curtis can help you with the underpinning. He's been out of work & this would give him something to do... Luv you!