Wednesday, May 14, 2008

They're Tearing Out My Bridge

Monday the Forest Service sent a crew to Loss Creek to start replacing the old wooden bridge. The foreman told me that they were putting an iron-bar gate across the road on both sides of the creek -- so looks like things will be messy around the place for a few weeks. They have given me a key to the gate, so as long as it's crossable I can still get to the cabin.

As it turns out, the foreman of the crew was a teen-ager when I pastored my first church in Tellico Plains. He is the one who taught me to take off my shoes and slip up on a squirrell; how to tell the difference between a male squirrell's bark and a female squirrell's bark; and led me around on his Dad's farm near the community of Rafter. What a pleasure to have Chub O'dell and his two sons (William and Wesley) come down to the cabin and join Eddie and me for lunch. Also working with them was another man who was a youngster when we were at Tellico Plains: Kenneth Woods. Frances had sent a huge bowl of chicken & rice and garbonzo bean soup, plus I had two cans of store-bought biscuits with half a jar of molasses, so there was enough to share with everyone. We had a very FUN day.

Pictures next time.


Favorite One said...

Sounds like you did have a good time at the cabin. I really enjoying seeing someone whom I have a special memory of & catching up on their current life. And, the gate may be a good thing - if they don't have a key - you won't have any unannounced visitors. :-) I'm looking forward to a family gathering at the cabin soon! :-)

Corky Alexander said...

This is a very cool blog post. It is absolutely "toxic hillbilly", complete with molasses and funny nicknames. Love it.