Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Work In Progress!

Last time I was at the cabin the O'dell Construction Company were building the bridge. It was different than I had imagined it would be. I thought they would possibly build piers on both sides of the creek, then build the bridge in place. However, they put down three dump truck loads of gravel, then started bolting together pieces of curved heavy metal which appear to be 3 feet by six feet in length. I'm told that once this is complete they will take out the old bridge and then lift this one with heavy equipment and put it in place over the water. After that, they will fill in with dirt and rock, and finally pour concrete on both sides. I'll try to get more pictures and show you the progress as it goes along.

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Favorite One said...

That is pretty interesting. I didn't know they built bridges like that. I suppose they have come a LONG way from those little wooden bridges with 2 planks you drive across & hope you make it! :-) Love you!