Monday, July 5, 2010

Spider, Ferns, Birds & Neighbors

The birds have now hatched and flown!

Are there two hungry mouths here?

I went to the cabin on Satruday, July 3, with the intentions of doing nothing but relaxing. Spent most of the six hours I stayed there just reading and/or sleeping. Mixed nuts, peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich with creek-water from my newly purchased Sawyer filter was sufficient nourishment.

Frances had said it might not be the best time to go if I wanted solitude because this was the 4th of July week-end. Some of the neighbors have been known to drink a bit and play loud music - but I decided to go anyway. I was surprised that none of my camp neighbors were there when I arrived. Everything was totally quiet except for the song-birds and a crow now and then. Late in the afternoon one of the neighbors, Eddie the mountain man, came by and told me that Mike, my neighbor across the road, had taken a fall on a construction site, had a concussion and had been in the hospital on life support. Last report he was going to be taken off life support and would recover. Another neighbor, Rick, from a half mile away came by on his 4-wheeler and stopped for a nice chat also.

When I finally got bored I picked up a rag and started to wipe down the lavatory and tub/shower where we had been working on installation of the same, and came across this interesting spider. I do not know for sure what kind he is - but I do know that I don't want him in the shower with me! Don't worry - that one is dead now. Of course I will keep looking to see if he might have had any brothers or sisters.

A Brown Recluse? That board is six inches wide

Found him in the bathtub in the grime which has collected from all the drilling we had done.

In the tub he lookd very big!

I don't recognize this plant. Gotta try and find it in my book. It's just across the creek among the tall grass and weeds

There are hundreds of ferns all around the place.

Ferns are thick here, covering about a 1/2 acre.

We need rain here! No rain in the forecast until Saturday - and then isolated thunderstorms.


jack69 said...

Been sorta wondering about Pumzika. Good to see a post. I know you love it up there in the hills. It is a great place to relax. I wish I knew flora, just cannot keep them straight other than general terms, I know a flower from a fern! sometimes weeds from grass. HA!

Dar & Mel, from up in Wisconsin always amaze me naming everything tha God grows I think.

Amazing how the world goes on while we are making plans (as Y'vette says) Some one falls, others are sick, folks die, and you find a spider!
Nice tub/shower combo youare installing.

TAke care, if all goes well will see you in a couple weeks. Our G-sons wedding is the 10th of July. We will leave a couple days later. (God willing and -----)
Love ya, Kiss Frances for us!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Fred, I always enjoy reading posts from your cabin. Sorry to hear about your neighbor up there--but it sounds like he is going to be okay.

I'll bet the spider is NOT a Brown Recluse. They usually are hiding in the dark places --like a closet or attic... Not sure though!!!!

What are your baby birds??? Barn Swallows???

Love your ferns and wildflowers.. I don't know the names of most wildflowers --but they are pretty.

Hope you get up to your cabin more this summer. We are desperate for rain here also.

Jen said...

That does not look like a brown recluse. Recluses look pretty harmless, not big and scary. They have tiny bodies with long legs and if you look closely, there is a violin or fiddle shape on their back.