Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Above: Two good friends who have some know-how! On your left is Gordon Bloodworth, veteran missionary and President of Discipleship College in Eldoret, Kenya, East Africa. On your right is Jack Darnell, retired military man and retired building contractor.

Did you ever wish for "know-how"? I certainly have. One of the reason's why I tear things up (or perhaps render them useless) is because I tackle projects when I don't have the "know-how". On occasion I manage to tackle and complete one of those projects that I don't know how to do - but I spend far too much money and far too much time in the process. Such was the plumbing project I had to do here at Pumzika Acres lately. I had even hired a professional handy-man and crew who did a tremendous amount of work - but had to leave for other commitments before finishing the task. Frankly, I was dreading the completion of the task. However - God sent someone by to help me! It was going to be a difficult task because of limited crawl space. I loathed the idea of having to crawl around under the house, cutting and re-attaching pipe because I had failed to winterize in time and the pipes froze and burst. From the amount of water - discovered on New Year's day - I just knew I had at least six leaks to find. So procrastination had become my method of dealing with it all. Thank God, it is now in operation! I promise you that I WILL winterize before the first freeze this winter!!!

Jack Darnell, explaining to me how "simple" it will be to attach these pipes and "fix" everything!


jack69 said...

My friend Fred, Anything for a friend. Nothing you would not have done, had we not showed up! It was such a pleasure to be with you and Gordon. He is certainly easy to get to know. The Venison Burgers and tenderloin was delicious and was more pay than the work done.

The time with you and Gordon was prime time, I will never forget it. I would love to visit him in Kenya, but we probably never will get that far again, time is passing me by.

Always enjoy the Blog. You have a great place at the CAbin!

jack69 said...

I will try to do better on my verb tenses next time. Sherry will get me big time!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Fred, Yes---it's great to have friends who have the 'know-how'..... Neither my husband nor I have 'it' --when it comes to home repairs...At least, hubby has the good sense to call a 'professional' when help is needed... But--I get a little jealous when I hear my good friend talk about what all her husband can do with his hands... He has the 'know-how' for sure!!!!

Glad you enjoyed your time with your 'know-how' friends..

Dar said...

Fred, you were blessed at the right time. Now that the cabin is in working order again, you can sit on the swing and enjoy your scenery and visits. I Am a bit jealous tho, you have running so at my cabin. Maybe someday....and I even married a handyman, jack of all trades fella who never has time to fix up his own needs. So it goes in his generous-to-a-fault world.

Haddock said...

There is lots of wisdom in them