Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Lazy Hazy Day of Summer

On my way to the cabin today I was reminded of why these mountains are called "The Smokies". Many mornings, especially in the fall when the temperatures begin to cool down some, the fog makes the hills look as if they are covered in smoke. To me they are beautiful this morning and I know that soon the sun will rise and burn off the clouds to reveal a beautiful day.

Looking to the West, I take in the beauty of the Hiwassee River.

Shortly after arrival at the cabin today I made a pot of coffee, grabbed the peanut butter and jelly, a bottle of cold water from the fridge, and my Bible before stretching out in the new swing! What a wonderful day for relaxing... that is ...until it started to get so hot!

But today I had a solution to the heat! I put together the pedestal fan I had purchased at Big Lot's last week and plugged it into the power source (Five batteries in series with a 2000 watt inverter) and there was instant relief! I'm excited about this because I did not know if the fan would drain the batteries too quickly. To my utter delight the green light, indicating how much power I had remaining, stayed lit the entire six hours that I was there! This will be a pleasant surprise for Frances next time she comes with me to the place.

Here's a view from the other side of the fan!

While I was reading, I looked over into the truck and this beautiful butterfly was spreading his wings in a great display of natural beauty.

TODAY - As I had not taken the lawn mower, nor tried to repair anything, nor attemped to do any kind of work - I decided to drive down a different road instead of passing it by as usual. Oh - am I glad I did! I FOUND A PERSIMMON tree! Persimmons are a real treat for deer and other wild game. I'll be back to this tree in about six more weeks when the fruit begins to ripen! I've looked everywhere for one of these trees - and FINALLY!


jack69 said...

Awww, that looks and sounds so relaxing. 'Pomzika' you call it.

That swing on the front porch, just a few feet from the stream is nice. Good touch, the fan.

I notice more and more campers, especially those in tents, carry a fan.

While camping, Sherry, Kat, and I used to walk through the woods. The two girls were always looking for persimmons in the fall. I am not crazy about 'simmons or figs. I like a solid fruit (so I tried a green 'simmon' ONCE.) Made me give them up all together.

But, having been there, I can feel the relaxation on the front porch, smelling the coffee and a few hours to read in the peace and quiet of your Ponzika.

Great entry, thanks for the shots of the Smokies, one of our favorite places.

And so you have a nephew here in Colorado Springs. Hope we get a chance to meet the talented guy. I watched some of his stuff on face book.

LOve you, Kiss Frances for us,
Sherry & Jack

PS: I sense an ulterier motive in the persimmon tree.

Fred Alton said...

Yes Jack, you got it right about the ulterior motive. I know that's where the deer and turkey will feed and they should be ripe just about the time season opens. ☻

Dar said...

What a pleasure to read your entry Fred. I feel content at the thought of the Smokies, the river rambling and the fan...FANtastic idea and it worked for ya. I just did nearly the same thing at our cabin, except the creek rambled and the trees mist with a bit of color as fall sneaks in on us. Enjoy your Lazy Hazy Days as they are soon to be covered with the colors and smell of fall, and your hunt can begin. I did not know the persimmon was loved by the deer, however, my Mother made persimmon jam once from a trees fruit at our friends in TX. It was mealy but tasty on pancakes.
Thanks for the computer advise, take it outside and step back and take aim...I laughed at the vision and liked the idea immensely.
Your Smokies are gorgeous

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Fred, Don't know how I missed seeing this post--but I did.. Glad I rechecked tonight. Even in the hot of summer---isn't it wonderful to be in the mountains???? Glad you could get the fan to work... I can usually stand the heat --if there is some air moving...

Hope you enjoyed/enjoy your visit to the cabin.

L A Brannen said...

I have a feeling that you enjoyed the relaxation and quiet more than I enjoyed the Senior Adult retreat last week.

~mel said...

ahhhhhh.... what a wonderful way to spend a day !!

Lola said...

What a wonderful place you have. I love those mtns. The coves or valleys.
Take the girl out of TN. but you can't take Tn. out of the girl. I sure miss home. I'm from the Western part of the state.

Lola said...

I forgot to mention that my persimmons are getting ripe now. I gotta do something with them.

Fred Alton said...

Lola - its just too bad you are so far away...I would help you clean out the persimmons!