Friday, December 3, 2010

The Fridg/Freezer Is Filled

Frances' smile says she is proud of her harvester husband!

Entire top shelf is full of deer burgers, roasts, tenderloins and deer steaks! The price of processing? $46.00 only!

Bottom shelf is full of the previous purchase I made of seafood and beef.

Yessir! I'm one happy harvester (Thanks Mel) who is learning to live green!

Today I drove to Vonore to Keith's Butcher Shop to collect the bountiful harvest I gathered in last Saturday. My wife seemed so proud to have this fresh meat. I had bought $700 dollars worth of steaks and seafood just a few weeks ago and filled up both refrigerator freezers here at home - plus put quite a few steaks in the little freezer here at the cabin. What a THANKSGIVING and soon we'll have deer meat on the table at home for CHRISTMAS. Of course I'll be back here to the cabin for New Year's Day and hopefully will be able to use some of this meat then to feed the great bunch of guys that come for our day out. We'll cook and serve breakfast food, sit around the campfire, play music and sing and also eat until we are stuffed! That's the way to break in a New Year. I'm told that whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you enjoy on New Year's Day - you will do that all year long. That's the way we started 2010 and it must have worked because we've had a wonderful year.


Dar said...

Wonderful to see, isn't it? It feels so good to have the freezers full of meat, fish, fruit and veggies. It means we have once again, been so very blessed. It has been a good year here too. Bill and I will finish up the processsing of the two deer he and one of the boys got, tomorrow. We will be making a few sticks of summer sausage, steaks, loins, and breakfast sausage.
Have a great New Years Gathering round the fire.
Congrats, again, on harvesting a buck. Way to go, now, let's eat.

Dar said...

Oh, and canned venison too. Have you ever had it? It's the best.

jack69 said...

All looks good, especially that smile on Frances face. It is good to see that. She is always like my sister Kat was, all smiles and positive.

I know you guys are gonna enjoy that 'Harvest'. Enjoy every bite of it!

Love you guys!!!

lombardo said...

Blessings to you and your family.
happy new year
i love your site