Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stamps Baxter--Build Me A Cabin In Gloryland.

I found this delightful old song this morning posted on youtube by Nexar. It has suffered some criticism by folks over the years who said they did not want "a cabin" but were going to claim their "mansion". Yes, Jesus promised that He was going away to prepare a place for us and that in His Father's house there are many mansions. That's O.K. I suppose. However, who could ask for better than a cabin along the banks of the river of life? Do you think the Lord would let me bring my mule to this Heavenly Cabin so I could ride along the mountain ridges there?

My brother Wil and I came out here to Pumzika Acres and rode the mule for awhile. Then back at the cabin I cooked us an 8oz deer-burger for lunch, topped with mustard, pickles, pickle relish and washed down with hot coffee! And I must not forget the tasty dessert we had by dipping a knife into the jar of Sand Mountain Sorghum Molasses and licking the knife clean. (Don't worry - they were plastic knives.) We had a very good and restful day.

It was so cold that we had to put ski-masks over our faces, and several layers of clothes to stay warm. Here is Wil in the Driver's seat on top of a ridge in the hunting woods. We had not brought a big game rifle because I had forgotten that the bear hunting was going on. Now the hunters send out their dogs, with GPS collars, and they watch the receivers from the warmth of their pick-up trucks until the bear gets close to a road! We learned this by talking to a bear hunter.

This is my Brother Wil, who does NOT like the cold weather! There is a story behind that statement that may be the subject of another blog later.

We found this Holly tree on a ridge-top. The bright red berries caught our eye.

On the way home, it had warmed up to 30 when we stopped here to take pictures of icicles hanging alongside Highway 30 near Webb's store at Reliance, TN.

As we drove south on Hwy 411 toward Benton, TN we saw this special rainbow just over the tree-tops! Since I had a leak in my metal roof at the cabin we had also attempted to repair it with a small can of roofing tar. This rainbow reminded me of the promise of God to us that he would not destroy the earth again with water! Does that include my cabin too? Well...maybe if I take care of it when I first notice the leaks, huh?


jack69 said...

Glad you and Wil had a good time together. The deer burgers sounds GREAT, especially in the cabin.
Sherry was reading this post and said Now I really like this, she played the song and read your post to me before I got here.
I said, "Then tell him!"
She says, "YOu tell him when you get here."

So that is for both of us. I have always liked that song and would get upset about the folks that made fun of it. I know it is the humility the writer had in mind.

I told Sherry, shoot, let me be a street person in Heaven, I just want to get there!!!!!

Anyway enjoyed the post, Thanks for the narative and pictures.

Love from over the mountain.

Fred Alton said...

Sherry, thanks for the nice comments! I can't remember a particular scripture about mountains being in Heaven - but we did used to sing a song that said "On the mountain tops of glory, let me dwell in Beulah land!" When you think of Heaven, do you think of cabins in the mountains? Pretty close!

Fred Alton said...

And let me add, for Jack, there's a song for you and me also! Remember, "If I Can Just Make It In"?

Cher' Shots said...

1st - I'd like to thank you for visiting my post and commenting.

2nd - it's true, I'm actually the smack dab middle child of nine. Dar is OLDER and Mel is 'younger' than me. But please don't hold it against me that I actually claim those two. Truth be known I couldn't ask for better sisters.

3rd - I love your idea of dessert -sorghum on a knife!

4th - great post!

Beverly said...

Boy, that old video is a treasure, isn't it. Thanks for all your visits.

I notice your last name is Brannen. Did your parents have relatives in Bradenton? There was a Brannen-Ganey drugstore in town when I was little.

~mel said...

Hey Mule Rider ~ When you build that cabin in Gloryland ~ put one up for me right away.

Fred Alton said...

@Mel - I'm putting of the start of construction there as long as I can! ☺☺☺

Beverly said...

Hi, Fred, thanks for your comment. I thought the same thing when I listened to that song today. I was smiling while I was listening to that little boy and his parents, and tears were running down my face at same time. We sometimes get busy and don't think about His presence being with us all the time.