Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Last Attempt To Hunt

Well, today is the 8th of January, 2011. Tomorrow is the 9th and the last legal day to deer hunt for the season. Since tomorrow is Sunday (and I'm always in Church on Sunday) today was our last opportunity. I woke very early and was considering all the weather reports on TV as well as the WX channel here on the Internet when I finally decided the predictions were in our favor. At about 8:00a, I got a call from my friend, Ed, saying, "Let's go!" It didn't take me but a few minutes to put the mule onto the trailer and head out towards the mountains. It was still partly cloudy as we headed East - and then turned North for about 12 miles - so everything was looking good. Looking good that is until about two miles before our last turn into the woods. We looked up on the mountain to our North and saw that it was covered with a dark cloud and white snow! Should we go on? Yes. Of course. It was not snowing where we were and the temperature was 36 degrees. It didn't take long, however, until temperature began to drop down...35...34...32. Still no snow - to speak of - although there were a few flurries. Determined to take advantage of this opportunity we talked of other things ... keeping an eye on the thermometer ... and the skies. After winding into the mountains for about 12 more miles we noticed that the snow activity had started to pick up a bit. Five miles before destination (the cabin) I stopped and took this picture.

This cabin is just 5 miles from mine. The ground has already begun to look white here - but not too bad we thought.

Once at the cabin, we both bailed out of the truck and started putting on jump-suits, "below-zero" boots and heavy coats and hats. The more I doggedly pressed on with additional clothing, the heavier the snowfall became! Finally, I said the magic word. I said, "Ed, what should we do? Do we want to be safe - or sorry?" He said, "Well...I think I'd rather err on the side of safety!" So --- take off the jump suit and heavy clothes and get back in the truck like someone who had good sense and head for home before we get caught out here and can't get home!


jack69 said...

OOOkaaaay, I am amazed that you actually left! Maybe age does increase one's common sense. hahahaha!

I know you hated to miss the last day. It made a good entry though and I know it was beautiful.

I bet it was fun just driving out there and watching nature make the world even more beautiful.

Along with the fellowship of a good friend and buddy, I am sure it still was a successful day!

Maybe next year!!!!

Take care and love to all.

~mel said...

Oh Fred!! I can't believe you didn't take advantage of that snow cover and hunt. Up north here, we love a day like that. A light little dusting of snow ~ to show the fresh tracks of deer and then if you're lucky enough to shoot one and heaven forbid have to track it ~ fresh snow makes it all so much easier. AND temps in the 30's ... ummm ~ a tropical heatwave!! LOL ... forgive me ~ the Yankee in me is surfacing.
I know ~ we sure do look at weather conditions differently depending on our own locations in this big old beautiful country of ours.

I'm just happy you were able to get out there and spend time with your friend and smell the fresh air!

Cher' Shots said...

Better safe than sorry, and having lived in the Mts. I know weather can change in a heartbeat. Glad you are home safe and sound. Sorry your hunting was cut short but just think of it as another year of growing time for the deer!
'love & hugs from afar'

Jo said...

Hi Fred, pleased to meet you! I love that expression: I'd rather err on the side of safety! I've popped over here from your comment to my blog (thanks for the visit and to dear Betsty for the intro) and LOVE that you're still so active at your age. And that you love your family. All Godly persuits and you're blessed by it. I'm glad you enjoyed Kenya. We've been West/North/Central (hubby only) now East Africa and we live/have a home in South Africa but so far this is the BEST blessing from God. It really was a gift from God to come here just before we retire and I'll post a testimony about it soon. Bless you and your wife, Greetings, Jo