Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Squirrel Hunt of 2011

Saturday, August 27 was the first day of Squirrel season for the 2011/2012 hunting year.  I had a most wonderful time roaming the woods looking for squirrels.  Only saw one, but he saw me first, so no meat for the frying pan yet.  I did find that the squirrels are "cutting" on pine cones at this particular time of year.  There was ample evidence that they squirrels are in abundance, but my skills seem to have failed me yesterday.  Eyesight, agility, hearing, are all diminishing as I raced past 73 last month.  Ha.  But - there'll be another day, and I have lots of patience. 

It was also "Free-Hunting" Day in Tennessee.  Any resident could hunt squirrels that day with or without a license.  I don't know that this brought many hunters into the field.  If our game and fish commission are really interested in a way to entice more hunters afield, they should consider lowering the price of the annual license and also lightening up on the required hunter safety class requirements.  Note, I did not say "do away with" hunter safety, but I do believe it could be made easier and more affordable. 
Can Anyone identify this plant for me?

Here's a slightly better shot.
The berries are about the size of marbles.  I did not taste them, because Ginny of "Let Your Light Shine" had posted about the Castor Bean plant and I thought they could be poison.

Do you recognize this plant?  Poison Ivy?
Yes, that's my rifle underneath, which I had laid on the ground.

Yes!  That's a Wild Turkey Feather!

Time for Lunch!


jack69 said...

Atta boy Fred, take advantage of the cabin and all that mouontain land to ramble around on.
I know little about flora in the woods. I know a pine from an oak and dogwood. I'll tell you one thing if that plan is native to Wisconsin THEM girls will know. Cher, Dar & Mel know everything that grows and lives in the woods.

I am excited for you. sounds like a great time at the Cabin.

Love you Bro.
Sherry & Jack over in NC for a couple more weeks.

Dar said...

So, how many squirrel did you eat`?
I love nature escapes. Nothing finer. As for those plants, I CAN tell you one thing, it's not stinging nettle or poison ivy. And that berry~~do not have the answer for that one either man. Will do some research forya tho.
Happy Birthday Fred...I'd say you have at least another 30 yrs. in you.
Thanks for the boost yesterday...I had a good day at the farm.

Tabitha said...

I know a couple of things...
Leaves of 3, let it be..could have been poison oak. The other thing is a tiny start of a bush they call "Burning Bush". I only know that because we have one here at the parsonage and the former, former, former Pastor's wife came and told me what it was. :)

Love you!