Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Is In The Air

A Serene View Near The Cabin Just Off Duckett Ridge Road
Showing the beginning of fall's beautiful colors!

This Shows Dead Leaves Created By Our Unusually Hot Summer
I'm sure you have heard that a few times this week.  "Fall Is In The Air" seems to be on everyone's lips around our neighborhood.  As for me, I love this time of year!  With temperatures dropping into the mid-50s and up to the high 70s I can now get up early and sit outside by the firepit.  I look forward to the display of variegated color that will manifest itself in our forests for the next several weeks before cold weather sets in for the winter.  I can now squirrel hunt in earnest without sweating and having to fan the gnats and "no-see-ums" that plague our woods during the last few weeks. 

So far I have not shot the first squirrel and have hunted twice already.  I should have 20 by now.  It seems they have fled the country.  One mountain boy told me he saw a squirrel the other day but it had a pack on it's back...indicating that this one was only hiking through and not a native of these parts.  ☻ ☻ ☻

Thought one of my friends (maybe you?) would enjoy seeing this picture of me putting the finishing touches on ye old outhouse?


jack69 said...

My man Fred. Glad to know that you are ready to get out in earnest. Yeah it just don't seem right to be hunting and have to fight gnats. Best of luck to you, and my advice is keep the single holer if you value your life. LOL

Yeah i do love the woods when the leaves are changeing, and I do miss my fall hunting season, but not enough to buy a new long gun. hahahaha.

Love you Brother and hope you have some luck even if you have to git the one with the sign on his back, or pack.

Love from Central Florida,
Sherry & jack

Dar said...

Now I've heard of a Pistol-Packin' brother but not a Back-Packin' Squirrel...funny stuff Fred. I love the fall of the year too, especially the smell of wet leaves and the changing colors, longer shadows. I will miss the longer days, there is still so much produce to put up and when the sun sets, so do my eyes.
As for your squirrel hunt, may your aim be true, my friend.
Have a successful hunt and stay safe and warm.

Dar said...

thanks for stopping by my random blog so often, Fred. You don't know how you inspire me some days, to trudge onward. Blogging has become my respite but not before my morning prayer book and Bible. Who'da thought~