Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Progress

Things are beginning to take shape on the room addition here. It is now "slow work" and since we have reached jobs such as electrical wiring and plumbing it is difficult to tell when progress is made. Son-in-law Rick was up and glued the cold water lines together on Friday. I've tried to run wiring so we will have a light switch in the bathroom and over the shower. In addition I need to put a light in the bedroom where there were no 110volt outlets. Maybe you're wondering about electrical wiring - since you know that we are 3 miles from the nearest utility pole. I'll run these lights with the solar powered battery operated 110v inverter. These things work wonderful as long as your batteries stay charged. When the sun does not shine a full day's worth of sun (like now) we have to use the gas-operated generator more often. As long as the generator is running we have lights and also have a battery charger boosting the batteries.

Also bought a 6x9 flooring remnant for the bathroom floor. We put it down on the living room floor so it can get soft and pliable before we put it in place. Do you believe it has a mind of it's own and "walks" all over the place? :D! I know it sounds strange but it does move whenever we turn on the pump or the generator or if we walk on it -- it scoots on the living room rug.

I don't think I've reported here that I was trying to straighten a corner of the "fireplace" and pulled it off the wall. Thank God the gas heater was not burning. I broke one of the kerosene lanterns in the fray and spilled kerosene on the floor. I had left it off the wall until this past Tuesday night. I was thankful to have a propane bottle with some gas left in it after our summer cook-outs, for I was able to attach a propane heater to the bottle to keep warm - that is until Monday night/Wednesday morning about 2:00a when the little tank ran out of fuel. That morning, my neighbor came by to say hello so I took advantage of his expertise and we put the heater back on the wall and it's operating again.

There's more to say - but it's boring. Maybe later.


Favorite One said...

WOW - Lots of progress is going on at the cabin! Even the fireplace has been "worked" on. ;-) The fall leaves ARE so beautiful now. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be at the cabin!

Sorry I whined about wanting you to post & then when you did - I've been so busy I haven't taken the time to comment....

We sure DID have a great time at the cabin - the family did love playing in the creek, eating, singing, playing the guitar - it was REALLY fun.

I'm looking forward to the next fun - especially since I see a toilet and shower and refrigerator in these pictures!

Glad you're retired so you can do all this work! :-) LOL!

Love you lots!

L A Brannen said...

Things are looking good!!