Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is Fall

Today, while taking a break outside by the camp-fire ... I heard the sound of the wind in the tops of the trees and noticed that it began to rain leaves! The places I had raked up and cleared completely were soon covered again. I laughed to myself while ruminating and pondered that maybe the leaves falling at this time of the year is why the old timers called this fall. :) Leaves fall. Limbs fall. Man climbs ladder to rake leaves off the roof. Man falls. So this is fall. Oh well. Truly - this is a most spectacular time of the year if one loves the outdoors. It was just right this morning for a camp-fire. Trouble was I wanted to stay close to the fire but cannot get any work done that way. Then around noon it had warmed up to about 68 degrees which was so cozy that I stopped putting up paneling, picked up the guitar and grabbed a root-beer to drink while sitting in the sun and playing a little. What a wonderful day!!! These pictures were made today.

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Travelin' On said...

Absolutely peaceful and beautiful! Thanks for sharing the beauty. :)I'd like to have your song.