Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Thoughts On "The Shack"

After reading "The Shack", a book recommended by one of my very good Friends who teaches Theology, I must make the following observations:

1. The shack is opposed to guns! Not only am I NOT opposed to guns, I am a member of the NRA and a strong believer in man's right to self protection. For me, one of man's responsibilities which I believe is taught in the Holy Bible is the duty a man has to "provide for those of his own household." Failure to provide the basic necessities of life (food, shelter, clothing) is condemned in Scripture in the strongest terms. I believe that the protection of his family is one of the things God has charged mankind with.

2. The shack is of feminist views, portraying God as a big, fat, happy, black woman. I have nothing but the fondest feelings for the character traits ascribed by the author of "The Shack" to the person of God. I have nothing against women who are qualified being in positions of leadership. I see women Judges in the Old Testament and women pastors and evangelists in the New Testament. I see nothing wrong with the idea that God may be of a different ethne than most of us have always thought. However, gender is something else again. The God in my Bible is definitely not a female.

3. The shack presents views opposed to authority. For example on pages 123 and 124 it states, “We’ve been seduced into this pre-occupation with authority” and again, “…There would be no need for hierarchy!” I will not quote all the scripture references that may be pertinent but suffice it to say that the Bible teaches us to be subject to authorities, to kings, to religious leaders and to one another. To advocate that we do not need heirarchical systems would be like advocating that we build an automobile with a most powerful engine, powerglide clutch, well greased ball-bearings and strong axles with the capability of driving at high rates of speed - but including no steering mechanism. I submit that the heirarchy is the steering mechanism in any system, without which we are destined to a cataclysmic pile-up!


Favorite One said...

I haven't read "The Shack" - so I can't really comment on its contents. I believe a man does have a right to bear arms - but only if the person has authority over the arms. For someone who is not trained on proper care and operation of a gun - or perhaps someone who has a quick temper; who acts before thinking - or for a careless someone - I believe these people have no business owning a gun. A gun used for protection or for hunting while feeding a family - that's a good thing. But, not everyone uses wisdom with all weapons. So, my opinion on weapons is - Weapons are wonderful - when used with wisdom. :-)

L A Brannen said...

In reference to Favorite One's statement, "Weapons are wonderful - when used with wisdom": "Someone who has a quick temper; who acts before thinking - or (is) a careless someone" does not even need a weapon to act without wisdom.
As for women and authority, hear this: A woman is a person, and any person, male or female, who has the leadership skills to get the authority, probably deserves it, but it should not be freely given to anyone, especially one who doesn't have the wisdom to handel it properly.

Fred Alton said...

I am 100% in agreement with this comment!