Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wild Hogs

The trusty lawn-mower / Bush-hog!

Near the picnic table the hog sign is amply evident!

Near the out-house it looks like someone is
trying to plant a garden.

Wild hogs keep tearing up the yard - Bad!
You think I may be able to shoot one?

Yesterday I mowed the grass here at the cabin. When I arrived, I found ample evidence that wild hogs have been rooting up my backyard. The problem is that water collects here and doesn't drain properly. It's near the out-house (toilet for you who don't know what an out-house is) and seems to me that when it rains and makes a temporary "bog", the odor of the wet spot attracts the pigs. I keep thinking that I'll get some time to stay here for three or four nights and in the process can get the opportunity to kill one. That meat would be mighty tasty next time we have a cold winter's morning.

Also I threw a belt on the lawn-mower, so must get it to the shop and have the belt re-installed and tightened a bit. I know. I know. You don't have to tell me I should not use the lawn-mower as a bush-hog, but ... I was trying to follow the suggestion put out by that famous cable guy, "Git 'er done!" I had lopped off some limbs that kept knocking my hat off and was trying to mulch them with the lawn-mower. Put a smiley face right here!


jack69 said...

Nah! keep it up, I always use the lawn mower for a bush hog!
Shirl's friend Smokey said he suggested leaving a bush hog at the old home place. His uncle chimed in and said,'Smoke, won't be no body here to feed the sucker over the winter!"

I know, probably an old joke.

I am surprised how much damage the hogs can do. May be you can get one. They do cook them on the grill in Florida.

It might be interesting, keep a look out.

Love you Brother,
Sherry & Jack

Fred Alton said...

Yes, Jack, I'm going to seriously be on the look-out for those hogs. They do un-believable damage with their rooting. It will be cause for celebration and you and Sherry can come for the cook-out over the camp fire! BTW - US64 is now open again!!!

Dar said...

Fred...looks like you have a couple of problems there, one compounded by the other...drats, those outhouses and hogs...I hope you can get one for the 'fire-spit'...hogs are mighty tasty no matter when ya eatum or how ya cookum...wrap him in his own bacon and BBQ his lil ribs. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
You boys all think alike...I'm so careful mowing and Bill is like a bull in a china shop, mowing down anything in his path, be it long grass or brush. LOL Gotta loveya tho.
You boys have a great Memorial Weekend and thanks for serving
BlessYourHearts, You and your lovely bride

renewd42 said...

wow, I didn't know wild hogs were actually around? LOL I'd found out too that they are around here as well...just haven't seen the evidence, like you have. I'm suprised...well, if you must, up the grill and enjoy!! blessings!